build-lean-muscleProtein, as everyone knows, plays an important role in creating more tissue over targeted muscle regions. Drinking a shake or smoothie fortified with whey protein powder before indulging in intense physical activity ensures that your body has enough glycolic storage to synthesize into energy during high-intensity workouts or during a sports competition. Of course, the body also uses carbohydrates to generate sufficient glucose, but protein is absorbed more quickly into the system and the energy conversion happens right within the muscle tissue rather than inside the liver.

Additionally, consuming protein powder supplements after working out so hard ensures your body recovers quickly. Without an immediate supply of proteins, your body will have to source this nutrient from somewhere else. This phenomenon is often referred to as catabolism, which is an anathema to metabolism. Instead of producing energy and body heat using nutrients taken from digested food and dietary supplements, your body becomes somewhat “cannibalistic” and starts using up the stored glycogen inside its muscles.

Now, we’ve come to understand that consuming proteins increases a person’s endurance and energy while engaging in intense physical activity, lengthens the period until he or she feels fatigued, and helps the muscles recover quickly from exhaustion and too much tension. So, let’s see the different types of protein powder supplements and which of them delivers the most powerful results for individuals who wanted to build up their muscles as quickly as possible.

Of all these supplements, a popular brand by the name of Well Wisdom Proserum is generally considered the best protein powder on the market. The body absorbs this type of purified protein within 15 to 30 minutes before or after your gym sessions. Sport nutrition experts also recommend whey-based drinks or power bars for replenishing one’s glycolic needs during an athletic event.

protein-poweder-scoopMeanwhile, casein-based supplements are best taken before going to bed because the body slowly releases this kind of protein for up to seven hours. And so, your body doesn’t go without protein for long while you’re asleep. On one hand, protein supplements made from egg whites are absorbed through an hour and a half until three hours after consumption, making it the right powder to fortify your breakfast or snacks. Lastly, soy powder is mostly recommended for vegetarians and vegans and anyone looking to improve their overall health.

Rather than buy different types of protein powder supplements, why not purchase blended formulas that contain whey, egg, and casein for different periods of release? While your body uses the whey proteins for energy production, it later releases the proteins from white and casein egg for post-workout recovery. Another blended formula combines the best whey protein isolates with pea protein isolates, and soy to come up with a very powerful nutrition supplement. In the meantime, the combination of whey, soy, and casein seems the right blend for women because proteins processed from soy beans also help regulate hormones in the female body.

Meanwhile, people who wanted to gain weight, but find it hard to do so must consume more calories through high-calorie protein supplements called weight gainers. These protein powders are most often recommended to ectomorphs during the preliminary stage for bulking up. They needed the extra pounds of flesh to convert into muscle tissue. After gaining body mass, these muscle builders must shift their nutritional supplements to low-carb formulas to become leaner in shape. In contrast, individuals who wanted to lose or maintain their weight should consume protein bars and shakes with low amounts of carbohydrates because of their fat burning efficiency.

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