scoliosis back problemsScoliosis of the spine is a health issue that continues to affect more than 7 million children and adults. It is a spinal condition where the backbone develops an abnormal curvature and appears to be like a corkscrew. It can easily be detected by a quick examination of the body commonly used by doctors and health experts called the Adam’s Forward Bend Test. The patient is asked to bend forward with feet together, bending to 90 degrees at the waist. From this view, the examiner who can be the parents themselves or nurse, any imbalances of the trunk or great curves can be a hint that scoliosis is present. Experiencing back problems? See Calgary chiropractor for an examination to determine if you’ve been affected by this back disorder.

Scoliosis, derived from a Greek word which means crooked, is a condition wherein the spine shows an abnormal curvature. This condition may have started from late childhood, just about ten years of age. Females are more prone to develop scoliosis as compared to males. But what are the causes of scoliosis? Identifying the factors of what causes a person to have scoliosis of a spine helps in choosing what type of treatment it needs. Causes are classified into groups called functional, structural and idiopathic scoliosis respectively.

Specialists have revealed that 85% of the cases of scoliosis as idiopathic which means the sources of the disease are unknown. This idiopathic type of scoliosis falls into three distinctions namely infantile idiopathic scoliosis, which strikes person less than three years old while juvenile idiopathic scoliosis is those who developed it between three to ten years old. And people who acquired scoliosis at the age of 10 years old and above falls into the adolescent idiopathic category.

consult a chiropractorScoliotic patients also might have the inherited this spinal abnormality from the parents or from anyone from the same family. Genetics is considered one of the main contributing causes to this abnormal spine condition. So, people with the same problem might have offspring in the future and have a great possibility that these children might also suffer the same condition. Scoliosis of the spine is usually seen among young kids aging ten years old, that is why screening procedures among educational institution are one way of detecting scoliosis so preventive measures can be made as soon as possible. Orthopedist, a doctor who specializes in this case, can recommend the certain procedure that is determined by the patient’s condition.

Scoliosis of a spine can be inherited; that is why doctors upon checkups ask patients if other family members and relatives might have been experiencing the same spine disorder. People with scoliosis are more prone to produce children with same spinal deformity. However, there are certain ways to answer the problem regarding scoliosis. Treatments for Scoliosis of a spine are not always clear. Some of these cases do not need any surgical operations, but the careful observation is deemed important. For conditions that call for necessary treatments, patient’s options range from various surgical procedures and braces for the spine that can help.

Surgery may be considered if a tumor such as Osteoid Osteoma is the cause of scoliosis. The tumor should be removed as early as possible to correct the deformity. X-rays and potential MRIs will help in planning for surgery. It could involve the use of anaesthesiology, an elimination of bone spurs and fusion needed to even out the spine and probably correct the abnormal curve. Also, adult patients with degenerative scoliosis about arthritis where back and leg pain is a major complaint, surgery can be avail. Continuous researches and experiments are simultaneously done by worldwide will soon lead to the right treatment to fully cure scoliosis of the spine.