Which Stethoscope Should A Medical Student Buy?

medical-student-stethoscopeSo you have been accepted to medical school and you are now ready to start your training to one day be a medical profession but the question you might have is which stethoscope you need to buy that will suite your needs. With such a wide variety on the market it is a difficult decision to make as all of them claim to be the best because everyone is out to sell their brand to students and also qualified professionals. Now obviously you might think that one that will last throughout your training and maybe even a little while in your career will be great but which one will this be?

After visitng many review sites and reading customer feedback we have concluded that these are the top 4 stethoscopes on the market today :

· Littman Cardiology III

· Littman Classic II

· Littman Master Cardiology

· Littman master classic II

Okay firstly you get four types of stethoscopes with different strong points these are fetal, recording, acoustic and also electronic stethoscopes so this might be some things to consider when you actually decide to buy one so let’s look at the different stethoscopes and what types they are.

doctors-with-stethoscopeThe Littman Cardiology III is considered the best on the market at this stage due to its great acoustic quality but also because of its versatility. It has been getting 9/10 reviews so far, you can choose between 11 colors but it does come with a price tag of $150 – $200 but it is worth it due to its durability. But being a student sometimes means you do not have that amount of money to spend on a stethoscope so the second best would be the Littman classic II, It provides excellent sound and is also durable and the price tag on this on is between $100 – $150 which might be a better option if you work on a tight budget.

There you have it. This short article should guide you through your decision process. Whether you are a medical student at a top university or a chiropractor you should know be able to make a more informed decision

Why Your Child Should See A Pediatric Dentist

dental-patientA pediatric dentist is a medical professional who specifically works on the oral health of children. Oral decay that occurs in children can have a very serious impact on the child later in life. That is why it is recommended that parents take their children for checkups by a pediatric dentist. Make sure that the dental professional you are going to see has the necessary skills and equipment to provide you with the best service. This is something you can’t ignore. A slight mistake may have a negative impact on the health of your child. It is good to know the background of the dental professional to know for sure if they are qualified to handle children. Find out the school that they are trained. They must have undergone at least one year of study in a dental school and another two of residency. This is the best training that makes them fit to handle children’s oral health.

A good pediatric dentist is the one who has specialized in various types of oral health care treatments. He/she should be able to do oral examinations in infants. This is a very risky assessment that requires people with skills. This professional will guide you on how to have your child stop sucking their fingers, which is a bad habit that can affect dental health of the child.

The best pediatric dentists are the ones who have the ability to repair the cavities and tooth decay in children. They should also be able to deal with oral complications that result from diseases like diabetes and congenital heart defect. It is the nature of children to run around and be active. In case they fall and get a dental injury, this specialist should be able to help. This specialist is the one to handle your case until the child is back to normal health.

pediatric-dentistPediatric dentists are easily found in many locations. All you need to do is inquire at your local health center to know where these specialists in your area are. Normally, they have their clinics where they deliver their services. If there is a dental professional in your area, you can make use of him/her to know where you can get a pediatric dentist. They can give you recommendations on the best pediatric dentist to attend to the dental problems of your child. These dental doctors have special tools that make it easy to deal with the child’s oral health and their dental hygenists have been specially trained as well. All you need is to take time to search for the best in your area. If you get the best, the stress you have over the oral heath of your child will be alleviated. You will be assured of the oral health and that the dental problems of your child have been taken care of.


We realise that nothing can truly simulate what it is like for people with autism and other deadly deseases.

Our aim is to simply encourage a greater understanding from people outside the autism community. Social network users have become reliant and even addicted to platforms like Facebook and Twitter. And if they shutdown for 1 day, they will feel a sense of disconnection and a sense of frustration. By creating a little empathy, we hope to encourage a wider understanding and acceptance of people with autism.

We also aim to raise much-needed funds for autism services in more than 40 countries. To join, simply make a donation to receive the CHAPP (charity app). The CHAPP spreads the word and gives you a shutdown badge to wear online.


Not at all. It simply shows people that you have chosen to shut down by way of status updates, tweets and profile pictures. When you get the CHAPP, you are making a donation and helping to raise funds and awareness for autism. If you decide to cheat a little on the day and log on to your account, that’s entirely up to you.IF FOR SOME REASON I DO LOG ON, WILL IT SHOW ON MY FACEBOOK OR TWITTER PAGES?No, unless you tweet or leave a comment on Facebook, no one will know if you have logged on (only you!).AFTER I HAVE DONATED, HOW CAN I ACCESS MY CHAPP AT A LATER DATE?Just go to http://www.communicationshutdown.org/?view=downloads and enter your name and your email address to access the CHAPP again.CAN I STILL DONATE AND BE INVOLVED IF I DON’T HAVE FACEBOOK OR TWITTER?Yes, all donations will be greatly appreciated. You will still receive a screensaver, an email signature and blog buttons to show your support in other ways. There will also be shutdown graphics and messages for you to manually use on other social networks such as MySpace, Orkut, or Hyves. Or you could always open a Facebook or Twitter account!WHAT TIME WILL COMMUNICATION SHUTDOWN BE HAPPENING AROUND THE WORLD?It will start at 12am, your local time, on 1 November 2010 and will finish at 11.59pm.WHAT EXACTLY IS THE CHAPP?It’s a charity app that has quite a few tricks:

  1. It connects with your Facebook and/or Twitter account. This shows your support and spreads the word to your friends and followers. It also signals your shutdown on November 1 by placing a ‘shutdown badge’ over your profile picture. (This happens automatically on Twitter and can be manually changed on Facebook.)
  2. It also adds your Facebook picture to our global mosaic of supporters where you can see yourself next to celebrity supporters.
  3. As well, it gives you other ways to show support through email signatures, blog buttons or screensavers.


The CHAPP is given to everyone who makes a minimum donation. Depending on your location, this is USD$5, AUD$5, £5 or €5.CAN I DONATE MORE THAN THE MINIMUM?Of course! We would love you to.DO I NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT?No, you can donate with a credit card through PayPal, without having a PayPal account.WHERE WILL MY DONATION GO?Communication Shutdown is a global fundraiser for autism where everybody around the world can make a donation to an autism organisation in their own country. Click here to learn more about our global autism partners. We are continuing to add more and more partners so if your country is not yet represented, it soon will be.


This fundraiser is powered by the people. By spreading the word through social networks, we are able to keep costs to a minimum. This ensures the maximum amount possible will go to autism organisations around the world.

As this is the inaugural Communication Shutdown, we are unable to provide a percentage of fundraising costs at this stage. However, we are committed to full transparency regarding costs and these will be published at the conclusion of the campaign.


Communication Shutdown was initiated by the AEIOU Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that provides early intervention therapy for children with autism in Australia. When AEIOU was presented with a fundraising idea using social networks, they realised it was much bigger than just Australia. After all, social networks aren’t bound by geography. So AEIOU decided to create the first global fundraiser for autism and established F.A.N. Worldwide (also a not-for-profit organisation) for the purpose of managing Communication Shutdown.

AEIOU also consulted with individuals in the wider autism community as part of development process.

HOW CAN I LEARN MORE ABOUT AUTISM OR FIND OUT ABOUT AUTISM SERVICES? Click here to see our global autism partners. You will find a link to a relevant autism organisation in your region.