Oral surgery is a famous specialty of dentistry that focuses mainly on providing diagnosis and surgical treatments related to the diseases and disorder of the face and jaws. The professionals in this field are trained to diagnose trauma, acquired facial defects, perform extractions, dental implants, and providing dental anesthesia. Their primary objective is to perform dental procedures that ensure maximum relief to the patient by giving general anesthesia by a trained personnel at the convenience of office setting


The oral and Maxillofacial surgeries are increasingly becoming famous for their capabilities of instilling new confidence in a patient’s life. Defects of the jaws and other facial problems could easily be cured with the help of sophisticated equipment and procedures adopted by Maxillofacial surgeons in Thornlie. All the treatments followed by these dentists are highly advanced and guarantee reliability and long term relief to the patient.

The major benefit of these surgeries is that they leave no scars or marks on the patient’s face. Furthermore, they are great in treating a number of facial defects including chin, misaligned upper and lower jaws, facial bone fracture due to a sudden accident or injuries, protruding upper and lower front teeth. Patients could also get rid of that tacky smile which continuously displays your teeth when you talk or smile. The surgeries included in this area of dentistry help in sprucing up the facial aesthetic appeal and several other deformities which are by birth as well as formed due to any reason. Patients can also get rid of the jaw tumors, cysts, and several other life threatening facial disorders and diseases. And the best part is, the procedures adopted by Maxillofacial surgeons are not at all lengthy and results can be achieved even in one day.

One of the common procedures included in Maxillofacial surgery is the extraction of wisdom teeth. These are those teeth which are badly injured, decayed or required to be removed due to a serious disease including malposition or impaction. Dental implants are also performed for people who have lost their teeth for some reason or the other.

maxillofacial-surgeryThe specialists related to this area of dentistry generally receive four years of degree in dental education plus additional 4 years training of postgraduate studies as in hospital residence surgeons. The facial nerves are generally difficult to detect initially. Dentists in Fremantle attend special schools for practicing such dental processes to recognize the problem without damaging anything. These are the nerves which are responsible for conducting a variety of facial movements including wrinkling the brow, closing and opening of the eyes, smiling, puffing out the cheeks etc. All these movements are extremely important for maintaining the facial aesthetics. Also, any movement of your face can be affected at a great extent by these nerves, and an advanced maxillofacial surgery needs to be done to fix all the issues.

Oral surgeons are also specialized in performing reconstructive jaw surgery in the case of severe accidents that result in serious facial injuries. In such a scenario, general physician or dentist might refer you to get the treatment done by a maxillofacial surgeon. And with the specialist’s in-depth knowledge and skills of recognizing the damaging nerve, the patient can be given relief for a longer period of time.